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Feedback from SeaRug users in the week before the 2017 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

"This is my 49th Hobart, that's why I  need my SeaRug. I've used it for every Hobart for 40 Years."
Bill Radcliff (48 Hobarts) Navigator, Takani

"SeaRugs saved me from hypothermia in the Great Australian Bight."

Andrew Miller - Freya

"I really love it, it's good! It's been around the world twice already in the clipper races."

Matt Mitchell (3 Hobarts) Skipper, PSP Logistics


"They're warm, even when they're wet they're warm".

Paul Hayes - Dare to Lead

"Mine's done a few miles, at least half my Hobarts. We don't always get to use the SeaRugs onboard, but they're always there. They even get used at home in cold weather."

Kingsley Piesse (35 Hobarts) Navigator, Chutzpah

​"Been using SeaRugs for years, we have 7, extremely happy with them."
Bradshaw Kellett (23 Hobarts) - Brindabella

"They keep you warm for sure and good as pillows on a hot day."

Tony Kirby (34 Hobarts) Owner/Skipper, Patrice

"I really wish we were allowed to have SeaRugs onboard! The weight police!"
Noel Drennan (31 Hobarts) – Wizard

"There's nothing like a real SeaRug. I had one of the opposition's ones and it just wasn't the same."

Gordon Buchan (4 Hobarts) - Hartbreaker

"SeaRugs are Fantastic. Mine's done a few thousand miles."

Neil Everson (4 Hobarts) - Charlie's Dream

"We're long-time SeaRug users. Love it, I don't to to sea without it, it's really comfortable."

Matt Setton (10 Hobarts) Navigator Jazz Player

"SeaRugs are wonderful, couldn't go to Hobart without one."

Grant Durran (7 Hobarts) Sailing Master, Extasea

"They’re brilliant, seriously brilliant."
Noel Swan – Enchantress

“We love them so much that the crew who stepped off the yacht last year took them with them so we have to buy a new batch this year.”
John Willoughby, Skipper Enchantress

“We’ve used them for all our Hobarts (8) and been happy campers.”
Murray Owen (10 Hobarts) and Jenny Kings, owners Seamo Racing Mahligai

“They’re really good much easier to sleep in than a sleeping bag, you don’t struggle to get out of them.”
Ash Edwards – Mondo

“Even when they’re wet they keep you warm.”
Simon Hunter (2 Hobarts) – Extasea

"Wouldn't go to sea without mine. I think the whole crew has one. Once one person gets one the word gets around and they all get one."

Rod West (5 Hobarts) Owner/Skipper Another Painkiller

"They last very well. They stayed warm when the other stuff didn’t."
Travis Read (6 Hobarts) Co-owner/Skipper China Easyway (She’s Apples II)

"They take the moisture off your body."
Richard Williams (2 Hobarts) Owner Calibre

“I love mine. My wife takes them girl-guiding and they fight over them.”
Todd Poynter – Twilight Zone

"Fantastic, absolutely fantastic"

Dave Suttie Owner, Pekljus

"I've had one for 20-25 years, it's still going. It works well, does its job."

Glen Ormerod

"I’ve used them, they’re good!"
Mitch - Wizard

“They’re the best.”
Swanny – Freight Train

"I love it! I've had my SeaRug since about 2000. You can go in wet and you come out dry. It's perfect on the boat and perfect in winter on the couch watching the football."

Carolyn Jones - Another Painkiller

“Our skipper raves about them.”
Crew of Sanya Serenity Coast

“Wouldn’t go to sea without one!”
Bruce Miethke (3 Hobarts) - Extasea

“M3 off-watch love their SeaRugs!”
Peter Hickson Owner, M3

“Very Effective, do the job when it gets cold.”
Crew - Concubine

 “Recommended to us by Hobart sailors, we got them and the key thing is they’re really good if you come of deck wet they keep your warm.”
Mike Mollison Owner/Skipper/Navigator, Opt2Go Scamp

"I have one of the originals, I’ve had it since about 89. Had them when we won Hobart."
Andy Coyle

“I got one about 30 years ago and it’s still going! They’re great, terrific.”
Daniel McConville Navigator, Espresso Forte, Victoire, Yendys

“Those things work well, they rock. They dry really quickly. Have one that’s done 10 Hobarts it’s still going otherwise it wouldn’t be on the yacht.”
Terry Kourtis Co-owner, Dark and Stormy

"My SeaRug? It's the bees knees!"

Candice Cushway - Gun Runner

"Sleeping bags are awkward, SeaRugs are easy to use, once I tried it I wasn't going back."

Lloyd Cushway Owner, Quarante–Deux

"SeaRugs are great, we've had them for a long time, they don't wear out."

Ray Hudson Owner, XS Moment BNMH

"I was on Brindabella. I was very lucky to have a SeaRug, it was really cold in port and I was very warm."

Giancarlo Simeoli (3 Hobarts) - Triple Lindy

"My SeaRug has done two world records! It's awesome, it’s kept me toasty warm."
The circumnavigation of Australia in the shortest time by a monohull.
Owned at the time by Albert Lee – Woteva
Passed on to Kristi to do...
Record #52 The Sydney to Sydney Challenge via Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid

Kristi Foster - Dare Devil

"It does what it says on the label. Go to sleep wet and if you’ve had a few hours sleep you wake up almost completely dry and much more comfortable than you would have been otherwise. They’re really good."
Will Parbury Skipper, Invictus Games 2018 Game On

"If you’ve got moisture in your clothes, you dry off, they’re fantastic, a great piece of equipment. We went to Japan and back with them (Osaka race) about 14,000 miles, I swear by them."
Eric Marsh Owner, Blunderbuss

"If they’re wet they’re still warm."
Lindsay Stead Skipper, GBP Yeah Baby

“Bought mine for Hobart last year, very happy with it.”
Victoria Stuhlman - Reve


SeaRugs go camping
We purchased two SeaRugs from you when you first released them on to the market, we were the first in our club to own them and they served us well.

So well in fact that when I had to give up sailing due to ill health we continued to use them for camping and later in the caravans.


But now I need to have one as my health has deteriorated to the point that I can’t bear the weight of anything on me when I am in bed (paralysis and good old ‘agent orange in Vietnam) but I am pretty sure that my new SeaRug will rescue me once again 😊

John Kelly. (2017)


SeaRug in Mongolia
I’m happy to report that I couldn’t have been more grateful for bringing my SeaRug to Mongolia.  Although it was unseasonably cold (reaching around -10C at night, cold enough for my water bottle to freeze inside the tent) and damp, and my ultralight down bag wasn’t really enough for the conditions on its own, layering the SeaRug on top of it kept the down dry and me nice and warm the whole time!  Several other folks on the trip were envious and are considering getting a SeaRug of their own now.  Although my SeaRug is now over 15 years old it has certainly stood the test of time and continues to provide sterling service.


Here is a picture of me wrapped in the SeaRug in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, in western Mongolia.


Thanks again for making a great product! 

Saadiah Freeman (2017)


Feedback from SeaRug users in the week before the 2016 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

"Absolute lifesaver"

Nick Parkes - Duende 

"SeaRugs are the best thing you can ever have ocean racing. I sleep in my wet clothes and wake up salt-crusted and dry.

Aaron Marlow - Extasea 

"They're great, they dry you out and keep you warm and they're light. Been using them for 30 years."

Peter Messenger (25 Hobarts) - Bumble Bee V, Sagacious V, Patrice, all the Quests

"We don't need to buy any more, they don't wear out!"

Crew member of Sticky

"I've had one for 25 years, forget sleeping bags, SeaRugs are the thing"

Robyn Morton - Folio, Witchdoctor, Relish IV

"Fantastic, had them on my boats for 10 years. They work well, you sleep well. You can wash them. Great value."

Terry Wise - Principal of Pacific Sailing School, Chairman SIA NSW

"We're not allowed to have them... but we need them!"

Crew member of Balance

"They're bullet-proof. They keep you snug as a bug"

Andrew Hawkins – Ocean sailor and proprietor of

"They're nice and warm and last forever. The one I've got would be 15 years old. I've done quite a few miles with it... 25 to 30 thousand km per year.

Brett Averay - Scarlet Runner (Capetown to Rio, Caribbean Circuit, Pacific Cup)

"Absolutely essential kit for anyone doing ocean racing. I mean it, they're sensational. I'm a big fan"

Mark Welsh - Wicked (co-owner)

"I reckon they're gold, absolute gold"

Andrew Nicholson - Wicked


"You're doing too good a job, once you have one you don't need one for another 20 years. Mine did its first Hobart in 1987. 20 years old, I won't get rid of it, it's still going great guns"

Dick Ford - Wicked

"Everybody else on the boat always pinch them, I've never got to use one!"

John Norton

"They work"

Andrew Thompson - Terra Firma

"The crew's been using SeaRugs for decades. They're one of the first things to get put on the boat for ocean racing. We use them for cruising to Pittwater with the kids too."

Georgie Drury - Pazazz

"They're awesome, they dry you out if you're really wet, they're light and small. I use it in the Snowy Mountains when I go camping too.

Bridget Canham

"I've been using SeaRugs for years, probably bought my first one around 1971"

Dave Austin

"Only the best boats have them!"

Rob Bath - Dark and Stormy

"They're fantastic, we all think they're awesome. They're warm, they're dry and lightweight so the skipper doesn't get angry. That's why we've all got one.

Stuart De Poi - Hartbreaker

"I've had a SeaRug for 15 years, it still does what it says on the box"


"They're awesome"

Brent - M3

"I've had one since 1986, it's fantastic. My mate was in hospital and cold so I took it to him, it sorted him out"

Greg Marshall - Pretty Fly

"SeaRugs are unique because they're not only dual sided for dual purpose, but water doesn't affect them like normal sleeping bags. I hate sleeping bags, I can't move in them. SeaRugs are fantastic."

Noel Swan - Enchantress (4 Hobart's)

"Been using SeaRugs for 20 years. The whole crew is happy to use them and think they're the best for the job."

Phil Coombs

"I bought my SeaRug from Peter about 20 years ago and I still use it and wouldn’t go sailing without it. It is amazing that it has lasted this long and still works the way it was designed. Every sailor should have one."

Martin Tabone

"Keep yourself warm and dry with thermal underwear, heat warmer packs, emergency blanket, wet weather gear and a SeaRug to sleep in."

Rosie Colahan - Journalist, Women and Girls in Sailing website article

Just some of the 2016 and 2017 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race entrants with at least 1 SeaRug on board, some yachts have one for each off-watch crew member.

Average number of SeaRugs per yacht - 4

After Midnight
Another Painkiller

Charlie's Dream
China Easyway
Chinese Whisper

Dare Devil
Dare to Lead
Dark and Stormy
Espresso Forte
GBP Yeah Baby

Grace O'Malley (Pazazz)

Gun Runner
Invictus Games 2018 Game On
Jazz Player
KLC Bengal 7
Komatsu Azzurro
Magic Miles
Mates for Mates

Opt2Go Scamp
Pelagic Magic
Pretty Fly
Primitive Cool
Sanya Serenity Coast
Seamo Racing Mahligai
Simply Fun
Snowdome Occasional Course Language Too
Terra Firma
Twilight Zone
Two True
Wax Lyrical

XS Moment

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