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How do SeaRugs work?

​​Warm up as you dry out

SeaRugs have been designed using three layers of synthetic material.

Each layer has unique properties.

  • The blue bottom layer lets heat and moisture through

  • The middle layer traps body heat keeping you warm

  • The orange top layer "breathes" to let moisture out but helps keep heat in

​SeaRugs work even when they are wet

  • Squeeze, shake out excess moisture and they're ready to use

  • The top layer is also shower-proof

In warmer weather, turn the SeaRug over and it acts like a sheet. The thermal properties don't come into play when the top layer is in contact with your body.

Tuck your feet into the pocket at the bottom to stop your SeaRug sliding off.

SeaRugs are bright 'safety orange' and can be used to attract attention in an emergency.

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